Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dinner at the Inflight, December 12, 1998

Crumpled, tattered,
and crusted with dirt,
the letter trembles as I read it
to my attentive old friend
sitting across the table.

Concluding, I ask him
why it's continually rejected.
I speculate--
it's simply too straightforward,
too short, or just too plain.

He shakes his head and smiles,
taking the letter from my hand.
Then, folding it gently
and carefully tucking it
into his left breast pocket,
he tells me it's time
he hold it for safekeeping.

Mag 194

Happy 15th, Greg. It is my hope that by December 12th you will be seeing well enough to find this and read it for yourself... again.


  1. And that's a hope I have also my friend! I will be thinking of you both on this day! So Happy Anniversary Letitia may you enjoy your day!

    You beat me this week! I guess I better get going! Ya know I did lousy in POG+ but thanks for voting!

  2. Yes, what a special friend...beautiufl

  3. Tattered and crumpled but still so precious.

  4. ... safekeeping a treasure, yes.

  5. We all need someone who understands...and cares.


  6. Friends really are a treasure!! Loved this!

  7. Thank you all... I hope Greg likes it as much. :) That friend became my partner in life, my anam cara, that night at the Inflight 15 years ago. My hope is that every soul finds another to compliment it so well...


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